Custom Home Building

Custom Home Building requires proper management and communication skills. We also understand it is a very personal process for the owner.

We therefore incorporate the following methods on all of our projects.

  • Respecting our Customers as members of the project team.
  • Building to the Customers preferences not our own.
  • Providing an open style of both Fixed and Allowance Pricing.
  • Believing in proper Project Management and Pre-Construction Planning.
  • Following a common set of procedures for all projects we perform.
  • Encouraging positive Client input to help make the project a success.
  • Understanding our Customer’s need to personally customize their home.
  • Providing project reports to inform our Clients of progress and requirements.
  • Providing our Clients a Project Guide Book and a Project Work Book .
  • Making ourselves as available as possible to our Clients.
  • Using reputable, not inexpensive trades.
  • Taking great pride in our projects and servicing them well.
  • Honoring and servicing our Warranties and Commitments.
  • Respecting neighbouring properties by contacting them in writing to advise them of construction.
  • Regularly maintaining our sites to keep them safe and clean.

Some of our Construction Standards…


All framed floors are built with Engineered (Silent Floor) Systems.

We do not use OSB in our homes.

All floors are glued, nailed and screwed.

All wall sheathing is 1/2″ Plywood.

All floors are  3/4″ T&G Plywood.

Tile underlay is has an additional layer of 1/2″ plywood or anti-fracture membrane.

All framing lumber is kiln dried.

Framed window sills are doubled.


All bedrooms and bathrooms are sound insulated.

All bath tubs are insulated.

All plumbing stacks in noise sensitive areas are Cast Iron.

We use only higher end, whisper style garage door openers.


Our Team

A Company of Experienced Builders, Trades and Constructors

After 25 years in business, and over 35 years of Residential and Commercial construction experience, we understand our industry. We bring this knowledge to every project and share it with our customers.

An Organized, Structured and Established Firm

As a diversified General Contracting firm we must be well organized. Through our own software and management systems we are able to properly track manage projects in three provinces.


A Stable and Accountable company

Large Retailers and Business Clients turn to Blue Ocean Construction Inc. because they know our company can and will stand behind our work, contract promises and warranties. We are proud to be a very accountable group that takes responsibility for its actions.